Googlemap control for Asp.Net MVC

Googlemap control for Asp.Net MVC wraps Google maps API simplifying the use of Google maps in ASP.NET MVC applications.


Inside Visual Studio create a new AspNet Mvc Application.

Open the package manager console and install the Googlemap Mvc nuget package by typing the following command.

PM> Install-Package Jmelosegui.Mvc.Googlemap

Once you have it go to the Views->Home->Index.cshtml and include the following

            .Markers(m => m.Add().Title("Hello World!")) 

and at the end of that page add the following

    @section scripts

Don't forget to add the namespace to the very top of your page

    @using Jmelosegui.Mvc.GoogleMap

Now hit F5 and you should see the map rendering on the page


Googlemap control for Asp.Net MVC is released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2.